Learn more about concepts that we use as guidelines to create Cuboz, understand how it works and how to start.

How does it work?

Cuboz was created to democratize online learning, offering the possibility of having an educational platform to people that couldn't have it before, as teachers and tutors who lacked the time and money or even large institutions that did not have the necessary knowledge to develop an e-learning or MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) platform.

With Cuboz, people all around the world can create Online Learning Networks and have a complete collaborative learning platform for free.

Educational institutions and companies can offer their free courses through Cuboz instead of developing their own platforms.

Cuboz opens the e-learning doors for amateur teachers. Those who already have blogs or YouTube Tutorial channels can now have a free e-learning platform to organize all their content and those that don't have online material may create their platform with videos available on YouTube and material available on the internet without infringing copyright, and act as a facilitator.

Why use Cuboz?

To play the collaborative learning model and organize their online content, educators can use several free tools like Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, e-mail, Google Docs.

Or can develop their own platform, but this is not an easy task.

They have to plan a platform that meets all their needs, convince their peers that the technology to be implemented is the right one and prove its pedagogical value even before start using it. When its pedagogical value is proven, they need to invest time and sometimes a lot of money to develop it.

Teaching online can become so difficult and laborious that many end up giving up.

Students also suffer from this problem because they are usually forced to use boring platforms, with no interaction and that do not meet their expectations.

We created Cuboz to relieve the agony of educators and students who wish to teach and learn online.

Cuboz classes all the necessary tools in one place to help teachers and students to connect the right way, so that they can feel how easy and meaningful to learn online together can be.

How to start?

Using the right tools, we created an efficient, self-organized and collaborative learning environment.

Cuboz interface follows the line of social networks that we are all used to use in our everyday lives, so it is very simple and intuitive for everyone to start using now, without help.

If you are still not sure about having a complete learning social network, you can start using Cuboz as a normal social network, just adding friends to exchange ideas and gradually start using other tools such as drive, classes and assessments, until you are ready to start creating courses and turn it into an e-learning or MOOC platform, if desired.

Cuboz is free and very easy to use, so you can use it in a completely informal way, inviting your peers and friends and as feeling more comfortable and realize its pedagogical value in the learning process, you can gradually integrate it to the school schedule.

New Educational Model

Cuboz is part of an educational technology movement that the world is beginning to explore.

The educational model that is emerging on the Internet is decentralized, self-organized and collaborative.

Seymour Papert, a mathematician from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a computer scientist and educator believed that the best way to learn is to join communities of people who have the same interest, where the most and least specialists learn together, contributing for community design, helping it to grow, emerge and evolve. To Papert learning culture is as important as what is being learned.

Lev Vygotsky was a Soviet psychologist who believed that we all get into a learning experience with some amount of information and learning happens when all contribute with their experiences when discussing on the topic.

Cuboz.com allows all these interactions to occur.

Share your knowledge!

We believe there is a huge range of talented people who are willing to share their talent and a huge range of people who wish to learn. They just need the right environment to be able to meet and interact.

Cuboz is the first learning platform to open of e-learning doors for those who are not teachers, but are experts in a subject and want to pass on their knowledge in an organized way, and can even make it an income. Amateur teachers currently use tools that were not designed for this purpose and therefore do not meet their needs.

Make Cuboz your online learning platform and start sharing your ideas and knowledge right now!

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